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At Pones, we offer a suite of comprehensive consulting services designed to add substantial value to our clients' businesses. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every solution we provide is not only effective but also aligns perfectly with their specific objectives.

From Human Resource Management to Governance and Compliance, our expertise covers essential aspects of business, equipping and empowering our clients to adeptly handle shifting market trends and business hurdles.

With a focus on effective implementation and impactful results, we strive to ensure that our clients experience significant improvements and sustainable growth in their business ventures.

Our service offering includes:

Business Setup

We provide comprehensive support for establishing or expanding your business presence both in Russia and on an international scale, encompassing key global markets and regions. Our services include company registration, legal setup, market analysis, and strategy development, navigating the complexities of the Russian business landscape.

Human Resource Management

Our HR services are strategically designed to enhance workforce potential and facilitate alignment with business goals and objectives. We focus on talent acquisition, employee development, and performance management, adhering to the complexities of Russian labor laws.


We offer comprehensive financial services including planning, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Our approach ensures our clients’ financial strategies are robust, compliant with Russian and international financial regulations, and tailored to their specific business needs.


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, our IT services cover infrastructure development, cybersecurity, custom software solutions, and strategic IT planning. This ensures businesses stay ahead with secure, innovative technology solutions.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Our strategic planning services focus on developing actionable strategies and plans, aligning them with business objectives and goals. We specialize in implementing these strategies, ensuring successful outcomes and tangible business growth.

General Management

Our management consultancy focuses on leadership development, organizational change, and operational efficiency. We provide tools and strategies for effective management, aligning with international standards and business practices.

Governance and Compliance

Our consultancy services in governance and compliance ensure that your business not only meets but exceeds both Russian and international regulatory standards. We focus on risk assessment, mitigation, and promoting ethical business practices.

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